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Reko Assistans AB is a company that helps people in need of assistance. We are a committed and skilled group from different parts of the world who together speak six languages. It is your preferences which we assume when we help you and it is our task to ensure that you get a safe assistance – the kind of assistance that you are actually entitled to. The relationship between the person entitled to assistance and his assistants is special. We are convinced that by offering good working and employment conditions we also raise the quality of life for everyone involved.

We offer:

• Good working and employment conditions for the assistants, where insurance, pension and health care contributions are included.

• Free training in first aid and CPR.

• Help with applications and reassessments – if necessary, we also help to appeal the authorities decision to a court.

• Access to a lawyer with expertise and many years of experience in the area.

• Electronic time reporting, scheduling and documentation (through AIAI).

• Guidance and assistance on a range of other interventions and supports, such as disability allowance, care benefits, home adaptation and car support.

And much more!

Question and answers

This information has been gathered from Försäkringskassan.

Attendance allowance

You can obtain attendance allowance if you have a substantial and durable disability and need personal assistance to cope with your daily life. To obtain the allowance from Försäkringskassan [the Swedish Social Insurance Agency], you must need assistance with your basic needs for more than 20 hours a week. If you can manage with less time, you should contact your municipality for assistance.

Who is eligible for attendance allowance?

If you need assistance for more than 20 hours a week with basic needs such as washing, dressing, eating, communicating and moving about, you can obtain attendance allowance. You must also belong to one of the following groups:

  • Persons with a development disorder, autism or related disability.
  • Persons with a considerable and durable impaired intelligence after brain damage in adult years caused by violence from an external source or physical illness.
  • Persons with other durable physical or mental disabilities, which are evidently not caused by normal ageing.

The disability must be substantial and cause considerable difficulty in your daily life.

There is no lower age limit for obtaining attendance allowance. You can receive attendance allowance after the age of 65 provided that you have been granted it before that age.

You cannot obtain attendance allowance if you live in group housing or are cared for in an institution. If there are special reasons, you can, however, receive attendance allowance when you are cared for at a hospital for a shorter period or attend childcare, school or another daily activity.

How much is the allowance?

The government sets a standard amount for attendance allowance every year. In 2015, the amount is SEK 284 per hour. You can apply for a higher amount if you have special reasons. The highest amount in 2015 is SEK 318.

Special reasons may, for example, be that you need a specially trained attendant who demands a higher payment than the standard amount.

What does personal assistance mean?

Personal assistance means personally designed assistance provided in different situations by a limited number of people. Personal assistance for basic needs means assistance in washing and dressing, eating, communicating with others and moving about, or other assistance that requires detailed knowledge of your disability.

You may be eligible to personal assistance for other needs

If you need assistance with basic needs for an average of more than 20 hours a week, you may also be eligible for personal assistance for other help in your daily life, for example, cooking, shopping, taking part in leisure activities or working.

The decision is yours

You decide how the assistance should be arranged. You can:

  • be the employer of one or several assistants. In that case you need to notify the Health and Social Care Inspectorate.
  • hire a company or an organisation with permission from the National Board of Health and Welfare or the Health and Social Care Inspectorate to conduct operations involving personal assistance.
  • hire your municipality. There is nothing to prevent you from being the employer of an assistant at the same time as receiving assistance through the municipality or another provider.

Application and decision

When your application has been received, Försäkringskassan will consult you about your need of help. Försäkringskassan will then decide on the number of hours for which you will receive the allowance.

The municipality can also notify Försäkringskassan that you need attendance allowance. You will not have to make any application then but Försäkringskassan will contact you to consult you about the help you need.

If you are dissatisfied with the decision

If you consider that this decision is incorrect, Försäkringskassan can reconsider the case. In this case, you should write to Försäkringskassan and request reconsideration. Information about how to do this is contained in the decision letter.

If Försäkringskassan decides not to change the decision after reconsideration, you can appeal against it to the county administrative court [länsrätten]. Information about how to appeal is contained in the reconsideration decision.

Notify changes!

Attendance allowance is reconsidered every other year until you attain the age of 65. However, if your condition has changed significantly, the allowance shall be reconsidered earlier. It is therefore important that you notify all changes that may affect your entitlement to attendance allowance. If you have received too much money, you may be liable to reimburse.

This information has been gathered from Försäkringskassan.