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Aging at Home

Digital Modern Caregivers

Most caregivers involved with home care services would be inclined to dialogue with other caregivers in an online forum or social networking site, according to a survey. Furthermore, 91% of caregivers would be likely to conduct research after receiving a provider referral by a professional source.

In my opinion, our health care system has failed when a doctor fails to treat an illness that is treatable.

Role of a Family Caregiver

While 78% would rely on a physician for recommendations, caregivers ultimately make their own decisions on long-term care providers. Websites are generally considered highly credible by caregivers, and are important sources of information for engaged caregivers on sources for long-term care. (Source:
Fills visit dead space.
Exposes the hidden agenda.
Respects the parent’s opinion.
Gives me alternative ideas.
Clinical interview questions
Planning a medical scheme

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Vi hade problem med vårt förra bolag och uppskattar nu att ha Reko assistans istället. Jag tycker att de verkligen ställer upp och ger oss det stöd som vi behöver.

Malik Fakhro
Malik Fakhro

Vi är väldigt nöjda och samarbetet fungerar faktiskt mycket bra inom alla olika områden. Jag kan varmt rekommendera Reko assistans!

Emma Grankvist
Emma Grankvist

Reko assistans har mycket duktig personal som också kan prata på vårt moderspråk. Det gör det mycket enklare för oss att kommunicera utan missförstånd.

Fadumo Ahmed
Fadumo Ahmed

Min släkting trivs mycket bra med sina assistenter. Alla som jobbar på Reko assistans är väldigt snälla och tillmötesgående när vi behöver hjälp.

Raim Abdi
Raim Abdi

Your help in this challenging period is greatly appreciated. Our entire family extends our thanks for what @healsoul have done.

Amy McClure

They have come to me when I felt the most desperate and shed a light on my way. Thank you @healsoul center sincerely.

Selena Gollet

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